Obstacle Course Part 3

(Video Demonstration)


·  Leader divides group evenly into lines of 4 or 5, standing one behind the other, at one end of the room. The entire activity should be accompanied by appropriate background music.

·  First person at the head of each line walks/runs to the other side of the room, creates an interesting shape using their whole body and freezes.

·  Repeat with the second person in each line. They must physically connect behind the first person with a shape of their own but still create a gap/space in- between.

·  This is repeated until everyone has had an opportunity to join the line

·  When everyone has arrived, the first person begins to make their way back through the line of ‘obstacles’ which have been created by the others. They should go over, under, around, through until they have reached the end of the line. They then re-connect with a different shape to their original.

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